World's Oldest Yoga Institute - The Yoga Institute
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Back & Joint Disorder Yoga Workshop

Wednesday & Friday – 10.30 am – 12.00 pm (IST)

Insightful session with an expert

This workshop is uniquely created for individuals presently experiencing back and joint issues. It is custom-tailored to offer support, guidance, and specialized exercises aimed at addressing and alleviating these concerns.

*Kindly Note: The camp is not available to the general public who might be interested in attending for the purpose of gaining general knowledge.

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Program Details:

Who is this yoga workshop for?

Chances are that you have accepted your back and joint pain as part of your life. But it need not be so. There is potential for healing to take place within us if we cooperate with our innate healing powers. At The Yoga Institute, we have been conducting specialized orthopaedic camps for over 60 years and more so, our research shows the effectiveness of our methods. We give you potent yogic methods that will have a life-changing effect. Come attend our 2-day yoga workshop for back and joint disorders and experience the potential for well-being in your life.


What can you expect?

You don’t need a teacher, mentor, or guide to heal yourself if you have an attitude to learn from your mistakes and your pain. -Dr. Hansaji Yogendra


Program Offerings

  • Yogic Diet guidelines to manage your condition and health
  • Insightful yoga session with an expert
  • Specific pranayama, and relaxation techniques to enhance your health
  • Recorded tips on lifestyle by spiritual guru Dr. Hansaji who has decades of experience in the field
  • Fitness tips


Fees: INR 1,000/ (For two sessions)



Campers are requested to come attired to comfortable loose fitting clothes. Shorts, capris, tank tops, low cut shirts, short and sleeveless T-shirts are not permitted as per the Institute dress code.



  • Kindly note the fees once paid will not be refundable.
  • In the event of a national holiday you will have the option to cover your missed session with next batch.

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Note: Kindly note the fees once paid will not be refundable

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