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Cardiac & Hypertension Yoga Workshop

Tuesday & Thursday – 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (IST)

Asanas, pranayamas, and relaxation techniques for treating heart conditions

This workshop is exclusively crafted for people presently dealing with heart and hypertension concerns. Our objective is to offer assistance, guidance, and yogic practices to effectively address these concerns.


*Kindly Note: The camp is not available to the general public who might be interested in attending for the purpose of gaining general knowledge.

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Program Details:

Who is this yoga workshop for?

The heart, which has always been a symbol of light and love, of joy and happiness, has recently been heaped with relentless abuse. This yoga for Hypertension & Cardiac workshop / camp has been thoughtfully designed by Dr. Hansaji Yogendra for individuals struggling with hypertension and heart ailments. India has one of the highest burdens of cardiovascular disease worldwide. It is thought to be incurable, but we at The Yoga Institute Delhi have formulated a holistic and yogic pathway with ancient knowledge, where the mind, body and soul are aligned to overcome this.

In collaboration with medical specialists, we have conducted various researches on the beneficial effects of our techniques on individuals with coronary artery blockages, ischemic chest pains, HBP, Myocardial Infarction, and have found promising results among patients.


What can you expect?

High blood pressure is a lifestyle disorder. It can be corrected, it can be improved and an individual can come out of it. All you have to do is put in the right effort. – Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Program Offerings

  • Powerful and effective asana, pranayama, and relaxation techniques to alleviate heart ailments
  • Diet guidelines for a healthy and happy heart
  • Insightful yoga session with heart specialist
  • Lifestyle tips by spiritual guru Dr. Hansaji Yogendra who has decades of experience in the field
  • Stress Management

Fees: INR 1,000/ (For two sessions)



Campers are requested to come attired to comfortable loose fitting clothes. Shorts, capris, tank tops, low cut shirts, short and sleeve-less T-shirts are not permitted as per the Institute dress code.



  • Kindly note the fees once paid will not be refundable.
  • In the event of a national holiday you will have the option to cover your missed session with next batch.

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Note: Kindly note the fees once paid will not be refundable

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